About Us

When an attorney wants to start off on their own, it can be a little bit of a challenge. Going from a bigger law office to a startup is not easy at the best of times, but starting your own business can feel extremely daunting. However, when you have the right advice, and you are able to make good decisions, you should not have too many issues in getting your startup off the ground. The purpose of our blog is to provide you with the advice you need to start your own law firm, regardless of the area in the law that is your primary focus.

When it comes to starting a new law firm, the writers at our blog know all about the struggles and the initial steps that have to be taken. All of our writers either started their own firms at one point, or have worked at small-sized law firms. These experiences have given them the information and expertise needed to write the how to guides and other advice columns we shall be publishing on our site. And we hope that these informational articles will provide you with some guidance as you are setting up your own firm.

There is no need for a lawyer to panic if they are thinking about starting off on their own. In many ways, having your own firm is better than working at a larger law office. You have more freedom, you are able to take the cases you want, and you will get a larger share of the financial rewards from each case. However, you will also find it hard to find new clients, and you will need to take steps to ensure the word is getting out regarding your new firm. Please go ahead and read some of the articles on our blog if you want to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of starting a new law firm.

If you are more interested in a guide that would help you figure out what steps you need to take when you are starting the firm, we have come up with a number of guides already. We are always looking to upgrade these guides, because we know that the things you need to do to set up your firm can vary from year to year. When you read a guide on our site, you can rest assured it is taking into account the current laws, regulations and circumstances in the United States.