How to Get Featured

If you would like to write for our law blog, we encourage you to talk with one of our editors as soon as possible. The email addresses for our writers and editors are listed on our site, because we want to make it easier for our readers to get in contact with the writers. If you have any questions or concerns about an article, or you have an opinion to share, we always welcome feedback from those who are reading the blog on a daily basis. And we are even more excited when a reader wants to become a contributor.

However, we do have some criteria regarding the individuals who are able to write on our blog. For one, you must have your license to practice law in the United States. We do not want articles written from those who only have a passing interest or level of experience with the law, because we believe our readers deserve articles written by experts, not someone who only has surface-level knowledge about the subject matter. So we will ask you to prove your credentials in some way or another. The criteria helps ensure the overall quality of the articles on our site.

In terms of the topics that are allowed, we leave it open to those who want to contribute. If you have some topic that you believe would be a great addition to the site, we are very happy to hear from you about it. You can even write a sample article and submit it to our editors. If we like what you have to say, we may publish your piece on our blog right away. If we are not too enthused about the topic, but we like your writing style, we may give you some possible topics that you can use to frame your next article.